Core Concept in React Js

Ak Azad
Nov 6, 2020


Introduce: React is a javascript library. React is not a freamework. Library management easily but freamework manageable doest not so easy, because of freamwork large codebase and future. But library is so easy learning process and manageable. So many developers are accepting within a sort time.

1. React Dom:

There are five basic types of react-dom. The react-dom package provides DOM-specific methods that can be used at the top level of your app and as an escape hatch to get outside of the React model if you need to. Most of your components should not need to use this module. such as

-> render()
-> hydred()
-> unmoundComponentAtNode()
-> FindDOMNode()
-> CreatePortal()

2. React render() Method

React render() given that three-parameter. such as
1. element
2. container
3. callback function
element: a component in the new value or future added that means element
container: container means where I showed value or element in the component
callback function: element and container are output after called callback function.

ReactDOM.render(element, container[, callback])

3.React FindDOMNode() method

findDOMNode() is an escape hatch used to access the underlying Dom-node.
When a component renders to null or false, findDOMNode returns null. When a component renders to a string, findDOMNode returns a text DOM node containing that value




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